Learn about the Future Role of Nanotechnology in the Washington DC Metro Area

Futurescape City Tours: Explore the Future of Washington DC!

What does the future hold for Washington DC? Which new technologies matter most for you and your community? How would you direct science and technology?

Join University of Maryland, Virginia Tech, and Arizona State University researchers at the Center for Science Policy Outcomes and the National Building Museum in discovering nanotechnology and thinking about what it might mean for Washington DC. As science and technology progress, your voice is important in shaping new developments.


● Experience nanotechnology through a guided walking tour of the city that will be designed based on your concerns and aspirations.

● Talk with scientists and engineers.

Photograph the past, present, and future of the city.

Share your opinions about desirable futures.


Participation involves attending three gatherings:

●Saturday, September 28 (10am- 1pm)

●Saturday, November 16 (9am- 5pm @ The National Building Museum)

●Tuesday, November 19 (6pm- 9pm)

For further information, and to be selected to participate, please email:

futurescapedc@gmail.com or apply at http://cns.asu.edu/fct/for-participants/surveys


OVERVIEW: On the Futurescape City Tours we will explore through photographs taken by participants during a walking tour of Washington DC and informal conversations with local experts how history influences the present, signs of the times and visions of the future.  

The future will probably not look or feel like Star Trek or many of the sleek, minimalistic visions that we associate with science fiction. The future will contain people with all of their quirks, power plays, surprising displays of beauty, and messy intentions. It will contain yesterday’s architecture and today’s legislation and tomorrow’s technology. In terms of nanotechnology, it could be everywhere, effecting all walks of life from people working in the service industry, construction, plumbers, electricians, teachers, medical fields, waste and sanitation industry, and almost anything else. Come explore what nanotechnology means from your life perspective.

With this in mind, the past and the present are good indications of what tomorrow will bring. Yet we must train our eye to notice emerging trends, early signals of change, and cracks in what’s normal to begin to appreciate what’s evolving and how it will change our lives. Nanotechnology will possibly infiltrate all walks of life in subtle ways. (e.g., medical technologies, cosmetics, sunscreen, construction materials, energy production, energy efficiency, transportation, water filtration, environmental cleanup, aesthetic enhancement of cities, food preservation, agriculture, food packaging, etc.). For more background information visit: http://cns.asu.edu/fct


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