Bikeshare Stations on the Map in Montgomery County

See where the Capital Bikeshare stations will be located in Montgomery County.

By late summer, we'll have Capital Bikeshare in Montgomery County, according to a Montgomery County Department of Transportation statement.

Stations will be in the following areas, according to Montgomery County's website: Bethesda, Friendship Heights, Life Sciences Center, Rockville, Shady Grove, Silver Spring and Takoma Park.

In Bethesda and Chevy Chase, stations will be located, according to a map on the county website, at:

  • Western Avenue and Wisconsin Circle
  • Willard Avenue and Friendship Boulevard
  • River Road and the Capital Crescent Trail
  • Chevy Chase Drive and Offutt Lane
  • Bethesda Avenue and Arlington Road
  • Elm and 47th streets
  • Montgomery Avenue and Waverly Street
  • Montgomery Avenue and East-West Highway
  • Wisconsin Avenue and East-West Highway
  • Norfolk and Fairmont avenues
  • Cordell and Woodmont avenues
  • Norfolk and Rugby avenues
  • Battery Lane and the Trolley Trail
  • Old Georgetown Road and Lincoln Drive/Street
  • Wisconsin Avenue and South Drive (near the Medical Center Metrorail station)

These stations will be part of the Downcounty Bikeshare System, which will have 30 bikeshare stations and 250 bikes, and which will serve the east and west legs of the Metrorail Red Line: from the Maryland-Washington, DC, line to Bethesda and Metro's Medical Center station on the western leg, and from the DC line to Silver Spring and Takoma Park on the eastern leg.

"The map shows MCDOT also hopes to take advantage of the popularity of the Capital Crescent and Bethesda Trolley Trails," Bethesda Now reported.

North of the Downcounty Bikeshare System will be the Rockville/Shady Grove/Life Sciences Center Bikeshare System with 21 bikeshare stations and 250 bikes. This system is part of a pilot program to extend bikesharing to lower-income workers commuting to work or to education and training programs.

But, along with the bikes comes the potential need for more bike lanes. "The Washington Area Bicyclist Association and MoBike have proposed a network of new bike lanes to compliment the CaBi stations, but it'll be a while before the county actually builds some," Greater Greater Washington reported.

Are you excited about the prospect of the red bikes coming to an intersection near you or your workplace? Are you worried about extra bikes on the roads? Tell us in the comments.


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