Dan Bongino for US Senate

Arthur Christopher Schaper is a resident of Torrance, CA encouraging Maryland voters to elect Dan Bongino to the US Senate.

“We have I-95 running right through the state. We have proximity to Washington,
D.C. We have Baltimore, we have Annapolis, two great cities. We have the
mountains, we have the [Chesapeake] Bay, tourists locations, an educated
workforce,” he said.

“How Maryland is losing jobs is an absolute absurdity, reflective of a one-party
monopoly that is not at all accountable to the people of Maryland anymore.” --
Dan Bongino (Bongino Touts Maryland)

Dan Bongino of Severna Park, Maryland will be facing off against liberal incumbent Ben Cardin for the US Senate seat. Bongino is just the kind of outsider that Washington needs: a member of the armed forces, a peace officer who served in the city and for the federal government, a man who understands the crucial role of security, a man who has served and protected his country.

Bongino is the type of statesman that this country needs in the US Senate: not a career politician, but a man who knows what it takes to overcome poverty, to do his best for his family, and to secure success for himself in the private sector as well as in the CIA as a special agent assigned to safeguard the President ().

The former CIA agent  recently received the endorsement of two Tea Party leaders Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin, and thus some well-deserved name recognition both state-wide and nationally. Bongino  also garnered the support of local officials and state legislative leadership in the Old Line State. As a more crucial line of assistance, The Conservative Constitutional Fund later sounded off  its support, both moral and financial, for the former New York City police officer (Bongino Endorsements).

In this election, Bongino knows that he his stepping into a real political fight. Maryland has been a one-party state for years, with its current Congressional delegation down to two GOP members (Maryland Delegation). One former fixture of the Maryland GOP, Constance Morella, put the “No” in “RINO” (Connnie the Liberal).

As for the upper chamber in Congress, liberal Ben Cardin took the Senate seat in 2006, replacing Paul Sarbanes of Sarbanes-Oxley fame. Cardin won the seat by just 55% of the vote in a heavily Democratic, facing off against Michael Steele, the state’s former lieutenant governor, a gregarious leader who had earned the endorsement of the Prince George County leadership as well as securing the respect of a growing segment of the African-American community in Maryland.

Liberal Cardin has a consistent record of voting pro-Washington and anti-Maryland. During his six-year tenure in the Senate, Cardin voted for stem-cell research, the DREAM Act, the failed and fraud-ridden 2009 stimulus, ObamaCare,
Dodd-Frank, and the extension of unemployment benefits. He voted against an
earmark moratorium and ending the Troubled Asset Relief Program, an immense
tax-payer funded bailout which has to this day put the American people on the
hook for banks engaged in moral hazard while propping up the largest automobile
manufacturing plant as a public holding. He even voted against deploying troops
to the southern border of the United States, thus refusing to promote a policy of secure borders and sensible immigration reform.

Cardin’s support for ObamaCare should be enough to remove the 45-year political fixture from office. The insurance mandate, now a huge tax, is forcing hospitals into financial hardship or foreclosure, including California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The Maryland Public Policy Institute has also asserted that ObamaCare will not save the Old Line State any money. Even Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown has expressed concern about the real potential or efficacy of the proposed health exchanges in the law. Annapolis has already dumped $51 million dollars into setting up the state computer systems to track and monitor the exchanges, yet still the task is more daunting than state officials had expected.

ObamaCare is a bum rap, one which has robbed Medicare by now $700
, yet provides no adequate means of compensating hospitals to care
for illegal immigrants – who cannot enter the exchanges yet will not be taxed for not having health insurance. Even working families, the intended beneficiaries of this legislation, look to lose out because of legal loopholes. Ben Cardin helped thrust this monstrosity on the American people, including Maryland voters, and just for that he should be thrust out of office.

Nothing but tax, spend, regulation, and frustration have been in the cards of Marylanders since Ben Cardin came to office. 2012 can be that year that Marylanders make their state a “merry land” once again, a state in which free enterprise and individual liberty are prized as before. Maryland was originally a haven for persecuted Catholics seeking refuge from hostile forces in not-so-Merrie ol’ England. Lord Baltimore’s “Act of Toleration” gave way to the religious diversity which transformed Maryland into a welcome state for all colonists in pre-Revolutionary America.

In 2012, Maryland has a chance, through the campaign of diverse, experience, well-constituted and community-minded Dan Bongino, to end the one-party dominate of Annapolis/Baltimore/D.C. liberalism and inject a resurgence of individual liberty and private enterprise in a state of prized natural and historical treasures.

To all Maryland residents, please vote for Dan Bongino for US Senate.

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