Talent in Two and Three Dimensions

Student artists display their work at Glen Echo Park.

Students from visual arts courses at Glen Echo Park again have an opportunity this summer to share their artwork with the community, at the Sixth Annual Student Art Show. The show will take place at Popcorn Gallery, an exhibition space managed by Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture, opening Saturday, August 6, and will run Saturdays, Sundays and Labor Day Monday from 12 to 6 p.m.

The show is non-juried and is open to students of all ages, though according to Meredith Forster, education program manager for Glen Echo Park Partnership, “most this year seem to be adults.”  Patch talked to Forster just hours before the deadline for submissions, the day before the hanging of the show began. “It’s a nice opportunity for people to showcase art they’ve created here in the park,” said Forster.  “We are expecting about 150 pieces."  

The show is for all levels of experience, with both two- and three-dimensional work. “It seems we are fairly two–dimensional-heavy this year, though we have samples from media like jewelry, photography, stone carving, pottery, silversmithing and fused glass,” Forster said.  Each student is allowed to submit two pieces of their work from classes within the last two years. "We’re fortunate that the quality of work the students of the park create is really phenomenal so we don’t really need to jury it,” she added.   

Instructors encourage students to see the work that they’ve created as strong examples of their media, and the annual show offers students an opportunity to show their work in a gallery setting. “It’s part of the artists’ development as they participate in programs in the park. People can start at any level and progress as they become more skilled in whatever media they choose,” said Forster. “It gives them the opportunity to select what they want to show the public and build up a body of work."

Some students are also asked to volunteer to hang the show. The behind-the-scenes exhibition preparation offers another dimension to their experience as they work putting together a display, and discerning what looks best with other pieces.

“The Student Art Show is also a less threatening way to put out your work to see how it compares with others, and give others an opportunity to see and appreciate it. It’s an open, welcoming gallery experience,” said Forster. “And it’s exciting to be part of larger group effort!”


An opening reception will be held Saturday, August 6, from 3-5 p.m.
Glen Echo Park, 7300 MacArthur Boulevard in Glen Echo.


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