McLean Chiropractor Talks Taxes In New York Times

Kristina Collins was interviewed for an article about raising taxes.

As the fiscal cliff looms, politicians in Congress may consider President Obama's call to raise taxes on couples who make more than $250,000 a year. Of course, there would be no shortage of those who would be affected in McLean.

Kristina Collins, the owner of Old Dominion Chiropractic in McLean, was quoted in a New York Times article on Sunday about how close she and her husband are to that income threshold.

In the article,

Ms. Collins said she felt torn by being near the cutoff line and disappointed that federal tax policy was providing a disincentive to keep expanding a business she founded in 1998.

“If we’re really close and it’s near the end-year, maybe we’ll just close down for a while and go on vacation,” she said.

In an email to McLean Patch, Collins said she had been happy to weigh in.

"Many of us in McLean care about this issue," Collins said. "Local business owners need to know they are not alone in navigating this important topic."

The full article is available on The New York Times' website.

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whaddeva November 21, 2012 at 06:29 PM
This debate was aired extensively during the election. Fortunately, Keynesian economic thinking prevailed. The electorate decided against a return to the disastrous Bush-era policies. The facts are not in question. Nevertheless, some have chosen to ignore all the evidence and hang on to disproven trickle down mythology. It's not worth any more of my time to try and change their minds.
Vince Forcier November 21, 2012 at 07:35 PM
1) plenty of people making OVER $250K are making the same argument that we are. The wealthiest Americans are undertaxed given our deficits. And undertaxed by any modern standard. 2) I am sure you are sick and tired. The trickle down fantasy is OVER. It is amazing how when a debate is all but lost, we start complaining about the terms of debate. 3) "job creators" a term that will die with other wealth worship phrases like "supply side economics". It is a term that is used in a cynical attempt to justify the continued transfer of the productive efforts of the country to benefit the wealthiest alone. 4) I agree that no business owner should keep people on the payroll if the business priorities require them to be let go. Just don't blame it on the BS excuse of a few extra points on your taxes.
Susan Smith November 24, 2012 at 04:48 AM
Seriously? You want to seriously argue that you would turn down $49,000 in additional income simply to avoid an additional $500-$1,000 in taxes? I cannot believe someone would argue such nonsense with a straight face.
Susan Smith November 24, 2012 at 05:03 AM
"Dr. Collins to offset that additional tax can easily just let go of one of her staff. Problem solved." Your comment reminds me of that scene in Blazing Saddles where Cleavon Little holds himself hostage to make the posse back off. But this isn't the movies. So if you're foolish enough to cut your income by tens of thousands of dollars to avoid a one or two percent tax increase on those dollars, by all means, go for it. Someone else will be more than happy to take up the slack.
Catherine November 25, 2012 at 01:53 AM
Dr. Collins is one of the smartest and best chiropractors around. She and her husband David have responded to emergencies for our family like no other doctor we have ever had. Furthermore, they work their tails off while managing their young family and a demanding schedule. Like many small business people -- and few of you commenting on this board appear to own your own businesses -- I completely relate do the points Dr. Collins was making. They are already stretched in so many ways - so to work their butts off even more so the government can simply take more - forget it. Yea, I might take a vacation too. It's not all about the money.


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