Naked Juice: Not-So Naked? Company to Remove ‘All-Natural’ from Bottles

A class-action lawsuit accused the Pepsico-owned brand of using genetically modified organisms and artificial sweeteners in their drinks.

Graphic by Patch.
Graphic by Patch.

By Patch Editor Whitney Teal

Don’t be surprised if you notice more buttoned-up bottles of Naked Juice at a grocery store near you. The California-based brand owned by food giant Pepsico recently settled a class action lawsuit that alleged the products were not natural or naked at all, but loaded with genetically modified soy and artificial sweeteners, LA Weekly reported.

The company denied all of those allegations, the newspaper reported, but agreed to shell out $9 million to the group and remove the phrase “all-natural” from its bottles. Pepsico said it will hire an independent company to research and validate the non-GMO claims.

Read more at LA Weekly’s website.

What do you think? Do you care that Naked Juice may be partially clothed? Will you look for other natural juices? Tell us in the comments.


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