Columbia Detailer Elected VP of the Intern'l Detailers Asso

Rob Schruefer (center left) with members of the On the Spot Team
Rob Schruefer (center left) with members of the On the Spot Team

Robert Schruefer, founder of Columbia’s On the Spot Detailing, has been selected 2014 Vice President of the International Detailer’s Association (IDA). The IDA is the leading industry association for professional detailing operators, suppliers and consultants to the industry, and they are dedicated to promoting the value of professional detailing services.

Schruefer’s recognition comes on the heels of a banner year for the nationally recognized detailer. Since hitting the $1 million revenue mark last year, On the Spot has grown since its inception in 2004 to over 30 employees. In October, Schruefer moved and expanded his On the Spot detailing shop located in Columbia into a 4,800 square-foot building at 9110 Red Branch Road, and opened two additional mobile locations in Tampa, Florida. In addition to those mobile units in Florida, operations now consist of five mobile units covering the surrounding Baltimore, Annapolis, Frederick, and Washington D.C. areas.

Nominated by the IDA Nominating Committee and elected by the Membership, past IDA president Jim Lafeber says, “Rob has consistently shown qualities of leadership in IDA Board meetings. His common sense approach to assessing industry weaknesses and finding solutions to address them strengthens the detailing industry. I see Rob as a rising star in the detailing world,” Lafeber continues, “Rob volunteered to put on the first IDA Webinar, and the feedback from the membership was excellent. Rob is an experienced professional willing to share his knowledge and experiences in the business to provide many benefits to our members. That’s what we need in leadership at the IDA.”

“I am excited about the opportunity to be part of the leadership team at the IDA,” Schruefer says. “For a long time, detailers were thought of as tradesmen following a hobby rather than skilled professionals. Advances in technology have produced superior products and equipment that in turn require that detailers be more skilled in their applications.”

One of the most important advances in the car appearance industry in the past five years is protective coatings. Schruefer’s On the Spot detailers are proficient in the application of Optimum Car Care’s Opti-Coat, a family of hard wearing, ceramic clear coats that promote superior resistance to scratching and chemical etching due to environmental impacts. “With support from the IDA, smaller detailers can learn about the proper applications and benefits of non-over-the-counter products like Opti-Coat and others, improving the quality of services and products they provide to their customers.”

IDA objectives include making sure professional detailing is recognized as a skilled profession, while empowering industry professionals at each stage in their career. They provide educational programs to help detailers learn advanced detailing skills and achieve certifications if they have not previously done so. “I believe the IDA can help detailers stay on top of technology through IDA University Seminars, and set higher standards for customers through our certification programs and events.”  

For more information, contact Robert Schruefer at On the Spot Detailing at 410-960-8895.


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