Huguely Police Interview Tape Made Publicly Available

The Washington Post has published segments of the interview based on the notes of reporters who watched the video in Charlottesville Tuesday.

Tape and other exhibits were made publicly available Tuesday in the case of George Huguely, the Chevy Chase native and former University of Virginia lacrosse player in the killing of his ex-girlfriend Yeardley Love, the Washington Post reports.

The exhibits, including a videotaped segment of Huguely's May 2010 interview with police, were made available to the jury but not to reporters or the public during his February trial in Charlottesville, The Washington Post reported. Tuesday, the Post published segments of the interview based on notes from reporters who watched the video, which was not allowed to be recorded or re-broadcast. The court has not released an official transcript of the interview, according to the Post.

In the interview, Huguely describes going to Love's off-campus Charlottesville apartment and fighting with her. Several hours later, Love was found dead.

According to the Post, Huguley told police:

She said go away . . . . I’m just here to talk to you .  . . . She got all . . . we were sitting there talking . . . she was getting all like aggressive . .  . then I was like Yeardley chill out. I shook her a little bit and she started freaking out.”

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


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