Lululemon See-Through Yoga Pants Cause Uproar

Yoga pants with an "unacceptable level of sheerness" have plagued the athletic corporation. Have you returned any to the Bethesda store?

See-through yoga pants? Have you been exposed to any in Bethesda, so to speak?

In Montgomery County, where yoga is popular, some devotees of Lululemon, known for its yoga attire, may have been shocked by the news that nearly 17 percent of the yoga pants sold in stores last month were recalled due to an "unacceptable level of sheerness."

Compounding the debacle were reports that customers seeking to return the pants were asked to bend over to demonstrate the fabric's shortcomings, though the corporation later said no "downward-facing dog” was required.

Now, following the recall of the Luon yoga pants line, the company is announcing top product officer Sheree Waterson will step down.

The company won't confirm whether Waterson's departure is related to the pants pull.

The recall will slash Lululemon's revenue by $12 million to $17 million in the first quarter and by $45 million to $50 million for the rest of the year, the Wall Street Journal reports.

BERNIE FISKEN April 05, 2013 at 01:27 PM
NO BUTTS ABOUT IT! With all the issues facing Downtown Bethesda like parking. pedestrian safety, and high retail rents; it seems almost trivial to raise the issue of sheerness of Lulu Lemon yoga pants as a vital issue. In this modern age, women can and should make choices. Some women work out diligently at the yoga studio and the gym to maintain and improve their physical appearance. If some women prefer to wear sheer yoga pants, they should have the option of doing so. NO BUTTS ABOUT IT!
Danna Walker (Editor) April 05, 2013 at 09:09 PM
Thanks for your comment, Bernie. While we agree wholeheartedly that there are a lot of important issues out there, this is something we found ourselves talking about -- and there's real business news here with the departure of the top-level company official. Love your play on words, by the way! Have you thought about blogging on Patch?!!! We'd love to have you!


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