Renovated Lululemon Store To Reopen June 24

The store was the scene of a March 11 homicide.

The Lululemon Corporation announced Tuesday via its Facebook page that the renovated will reopen June 24.

The store was the scene of a March homicide that left store employee Jayna Murray, 30, dead. Her co-worker Brittany Norwood, 30, in Murray's murder.

"It is with warm and grateful hearts that we are announcing the reopening of our newly renovated Bethesda store on Friday, June 24," the announcement read. "The re-opening will embrace the theme of 'love' in honor of Jayna Murray. More than ever, we remain committed to the people of Bethesda and look forward to continuing to share with this community the same love, passion and grace with which Jayna lived her life."

The store has been shielded in recent months with white fabric bearing the words "Love" in red writing. In the days following the homicide, the storefront became a makeshift memorial of flowers, notes and cards.

nat June 15, 2011 at 11:05 PM
i suspect that if the victim "Spoke kindly" - she might still be kickin. that said, if i were in upper management i would can the manager that allowed/encouraged an employee to handle another coworker that was suspected of stealing. that was not the victims job. this unfortunately is far too common in the workplace and it needs to stop. coworkers that entertain managers that want them to snoop on other coworkers are probably favored by those managers or trying to score points. everybody needs to do the job for which they are paid and managers need to stop allowing these cliques to form which could breed resentment among coworkers and cause things like this to happen.


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