Speak Out: Did Metro Provide Enough Service on Veterans Day?

Some Patch readers said Metro's service on Veterans Day caused crowded trains and lengthy delays.

Monday, Patch reported that Metro was under fire by transit group Action Committee for Transit for providing what they felt was insufficient Red Line service on Veterans Day.

Metro single-tracked trains between Grosvenor and Friendship Heights on Saturday, Sunday and Monday to allow for maintenance work. Metro said trains were running this weekend and during the Veterans Day holiday on Monday once every 20 minutes on the western leg of the Red Line north of Friendship Heights.

Though Monday was a federal holiday, many still needed to report to work, and some reported crowded trains and lengthy delays during rush hour.

Patch readers commented on our story about their experiences on the Red Line Monday. Here's what a few of you had to say:

Single tracking meant 35 minutes between trains at Grosvenor, and many of the trains were so packed that it look multiple tries to get on. This caused a ripple effect all the way downtown as more people poured into stations and couldn't board trains that were further and further apart...Metro should stop giving us lip service about "holiday schedules" and acknowledge it made an error in single tracking/closing stations during the rush hour, knowing full well from past ridership data that there would be a significant number of private sector commuters depending on the trains. -- Miriam Miller Wolk, Patch commenter

I arrived at the Tenleytown station at about 8:20am yesterday. I was headed towards Glenmont. In one hour, I saw 2 trains packed with people and I was unable to board. A third train had plenty of standees, but I was able to board (due to people on the platform giving up, and less people entering the station). -- Emily, Patch commenter

Metro spokeswoman Caroline Lukas said that Metro ran service that was typical for a federal holiday, when ridership normally drops about 20 to 30 percent.

Did you experience delays and crowded trains on Monday? Should Metro have run more trains through the work zone? Or were the delays reasonable for a federal holiday? Tell us in the comments.


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