Go Wild With Your Holiday Shopping at the National Zoo

Support animal care, science and research with these great gift options.


Do some good for yourself, your family and friends and the animal kingdom by doing your holiday shopping at the National Zoo this year.

For the kids:

Bring home plush versions of Crystal or Cody, the zoo’s gray wolves with these realistic 16” renditions of the popular canines for just $20.

Colorful owl or butterfly-themed purses are always in style and sure to be a hit with the girls in your life. Each version features working zippers, an inside pocket and a 10” strap for $22.

For the animals:

Show your favorite zoo animal how much you care by purchasing one of these great enrichment toys. You can either purchase items on the zoo’s online store, or visit the Enrichment Giving Tree to find out what’s on their wish list and you can drop it off at the zoo.

Some of the enrichment items available are:

Munch Balls - a wicker chewable for the zoo’s avian residents for $10.

“Kabob” Skewer – a selection of fresh fruit or veggies on a spear that encourages birds to forage for $15.

Tough Tire – a perfect choice for the elephants, bears, sea lions and other species is $63.

Bungee Ball – big cats and great apes love this tough-to-destroy hanging toy, which is $116.

Ball-inside-ball - bears and primates and mammals will say “Oh my” when playing with this challenging toy listed at $156.

For anyone:

Adopt-a-Species – with process starting at just $50, adopt-an-animal for your special someone. You can select from 16 animals, including an African lion, elephant, eagle cheetah, panda, meerkat, Komodo dragon or even Kavi, the zoo’s newest Sumatran tiger, for $65 which includes a cuddly plush tiger, a colorful photo, an adoption certificate and more delivered inside an “animal carrier” box.

Elephant Trails commemorative brick – Leave your mark on the zoo’s elephant trails this spring with a commemorative brick for $250. You can place your name or a message that will be displayed for decades to come.

Zoo Carousel – make a colorful splash by sponsoring a hand-painted and hand-carved scenery panel, shield or mural on the zoo’s “Conservation Carousel,” set to open before ZooLights for the holidays.


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