Wine Harvest's Top Holiday Wines: Structured Reds, Sweet Whites and Prosecco

Check out what Andy Meyrowitz of the Wine Harvest had to say about gifting holiday wines and beers this season.

Gifts of wine and beer are some of the most widely well-received gifts among those of your friends who imbibe. But getting the right beverage for a range of people with varying tastes can be difficult.

To help you get the creativity flowing, we asked Andy Meyrowitz, wine guru of Potomac’s Wine Harvest for some tips on gifting the perfect alcoholic beverage.

Patch: When shopping for a bottle of wine or a case of beer to take to a holiday party, what are some things to keep in mind?

Andy Meyrowitz: When shopping for a bottle of wine and/or beer to take to a holiday party I always focus on a few major components. Who is hosting, will they be opening the bottle, or putting it away? What type of event is this holiday party: casual, formal, themed, etc. Is this more of a beer or wine crowd? Lastly, how many people will be at the event? Always ask these questions to provide the correct wine/beer to the host, and provide something that will last, and be memorable without being over-the-top.

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Patch: Are there any wine/beer trends this winter season? What would you recommend for a more widely appealing gift, something you can't go wrong with?

Meyrowitz: Trends for the holiday season this year have been sampler sets for beer, like a 12 bottle mixed pack, like Sam Adams Winter Sampler, or Guinness sampler pack. These packages provide a few different drinks so that people can try and find something that fits the season’s styles. As for wine, I like to recommend red wines with a bigger tannic structure, or whites with more sweetness. As for the reds, I consider Bordeaux blends, and heavy Spanish wines. For white wines, I focus on Oregon's whites and Rieslings. These wines are great with foods, and good to sip alone, too.

One other major seller this time of year is Prosecco! Prosecco is great for any celebration. With bubbly wine you cannot go wrong.

Patch: What are you gifting this season?

Meyrowitz: This season, for gifts, I am using a lot of wines from Ovum Winery and Argyle winery. I will be giving different wines to different people, but these are my go-to wines!


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