Montgomery County Death Notices

Links to obituaries as listed by several funeral homes in Montgomery County.

Click on the name of the deceased to read the full obituary or to submit online condolences.

Robert A. Pumphrey Funeral Home

Location: 7557 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda

Phone: 301-652-2200

Location: 300 W. Montgomery Ave., Rockville

Phone: 301-762-3939

Thomas Leo VanMiddlesworth died Aug. 13. He was nearly 61.

Arman A. Ghods of Rockville died Aug. 10. He was 23.

Sidney S. Forrest of Kensington died Aug. 9. She was 94.


Hines-Rinaldi Funeral Home  

Location: 11800 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring

Phone: 301-622-2290      

Myloi T. Au of Adelphi died Aug. 12. She was 63.

Thomas Yol Chong of Rockville died Aug. 12. He was 77.

Charlotte Helen Resnick of Rockville died Aug. 12. She was 82.

Louis Andrew Weieland Sr. of Fayetteville died Aug. 12. He was 97.

Golda Zheleznyak of Rockville died Aug. 11. She was 98.

Marianne Renate Czuczka of Washington, DC, died Aug. 10. She was 87.

William Feldman of Crossville, died Aug. 10. He was 93.

Henry Thomas Taskier of Chevy Chase died Aug. 10. He was 93.


Francis J. Collins Funeral Home

Location: 500 University Blvd. West, Silver Spring

Phone: 301-593-9500

Victoria Watson Reeve of Silver Spring died Aug. 14.

Lucy Nalyvayko of Brookeville died Aug. 14. She was 85.

Rosemary Oxenburg of Ocean City died Aug. 10.

Albert Donald Reardon Sr. died Aug. 10. 

Chac Van Tran of Hyattsville died Aug. 11. He was 86.

Annie Means Dawkins of Washington, DC, died Aug. 7. She was 97.

Ruby Mae Wicklein of Silver Spring died Aug. 9. She was 79.

Constance S. “Connie” Prince of Kensington died Aug. 8. 


De Vol Funeral Home

Location: 2222 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Washington, DC

Phone: 202-333-6680

Sue Deuell Yeomans died Aug. 7. 

Dona Fagan Arnow died Aug. 11.

Joseph Abbott Donington Jr. of Chatham died Aug. 4.  


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