Grab & Go Kids Planner

Be ready for unpredictable weather this week with outside games and a salamander hunt, or indoor food, music and poetry.

Welcome back to the Patch Grab & Go Kids Planner.

We've assembled a weekly calendar of kid-friendly activities and new places to try out with children.

Each week, we'll give you the info on the five best family activities or events for the week.

You're time-pressed enough, so we're happy to do the research and find the best things to do and places to go, both locally and within reasonable striking distance.

Look for the kids’ planner each Wednesday, and help us build the planner with your own suggestions and tips — just add them to the comment box. Even if you disagree with our picks, let us know. We want to hear from you!

This week, pick and choose from a wide array of events, from Mardi Gras to salamander hunts.



Where/When:  4907 Cordell Avenue

Why Go:  It’s the time of year when the TV news features stories about people in New Orleans riding floats and throwing beads. Clarify Marti Gras madness to your kids with New Orleans treats like beignets or sweet potato pecan pie, and get a café au lait for yourself. How you explain the many, many uses of beads is up to you.

Pricing:  reasonable



Where/When:   Washington Conservatory of Music at Glen Echo Park, 3p.m. March 5

Why Go:  A magical introduction to musical instruments for the young and young at heart.

Pricing:   $10



Where/When:  Cabin John Regional Park, 7777 Democracy Boulevard, Bethesda. Scheduled for March 4th 6:30 – 7:30PM but subject to weather. Sign up for phone list and they will call when the time is right.

Why Go: Explore WILD Montgomery County with a Park Naturalist or a Natural Resource Specialist. Cold spring rains call salamanders out for nights of dancing and delight. Males march steadfastly toward ancient pools, where they leave chemical calling cards and packages of genetic material. Drumming rain and percolating water wake the females and send them to the pools to meet the males. With luck and a hard enough rain, the salamanders' big night can be witnessed by hearty souls willing to keep vigil at the pools.

Pricing: All programs are free and require registration. For detailed directions, print confirmation receipt when registering. Not suitable for children under 5.



Where/When:   deadline is March 11

Why Go: If you’ve ever considered writing an ode to laundry, or explaining in verse why your kids are so cute, don’t miss the deadline for the Bethesda Literary Festival’s Poetry Contest. Contest open to area residents 18 and older. Enter at poetry@bethesda.org

Pricing: first place wins $500; second place wins $250; third place $150.



Where/When:  Little Falls Library, 5501 Massachusetts Ave, Bethesda, 10:30a.m. March 5

Why Go: Music is for everyone. Program includes songs, movement and music for newborns through four year olds and their caregivers.

Pricing: free   


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