Moms Talk: How Young Is Too Young For Organized Sports?

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This week, our discussion turns to athletics.  Joining a team is a big commitment, but how young is too young?

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With practice and travel to and from games, athletic teams often include a big commitment on the part of both the child and the parent.  Additionally, they can  create pressure on the child to perform at a very competitive level.  At what age would you allow your child to participate in an organized sports team?

Anh LyJordan March 02, 2011 at 02:17 PM
I can't believe how hard it is making time to ensure that my five year old son attends karate twice a week, so I leave t-ball and soccer to the pre-school program. (Kills two birds with one stone) I can't imagine adding regular practice and travel to games to distant places on the weekends as well. I guess I'll decide when my son shows enough interest in a sport/activity to warrant such a sacrifice.
Marly Carpenter March 02, 2011 at 05:57 PM
Deciding what age to put your child in sports is difficult. Many parents put their children in organized sports during pre-school, which sets up a strange mindset in children. I overheard two 3rd grader boys talking at recess on Monday. One mentioned he wanted to play baseball. The said it was too late - that the first boy had waited too long and would be too far behind the other kids. These are eight year olds! Their motorskills are still developing, and starting later isn't a disadvantage --but the CHILDREN believe that is is. Frankly, if the first boy believed he'd be at a disadvantage, he would be. So what age is best? I don't know - I'll guess we'll find out we've jumped the shark when infant soccer cleats come into fashion.


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