Wood Acres Elementary Staff and Students Walk for Clean Air

Today staff and students of Wood Acres Elementary School in Bethesda gathered as part of the national Walk to School Day program. WTSD is an initiative sponsored by the PTA Green Team to support practical ways elementary-aged students can help the environment and share their support for air quality. Clean Air Partners, a regional air quality organization that serves the greater Washington area, was onsite this morning teaching students and their families about voluntary measures to reduce their own impact on air quality and public health, especially during the summer months when our region experiences poor air quality.

The 5th grade patrols (as seen in the picture) raised a green flag based on today's air quality index (AQI)- A color-coded and numerical scale that reports how clean or polluted the air is and is calculated for five major pollutants regulated by the Clean Air Act.

For more information about how to do your share for cleaner air, visit www.cleanairpartners.net

 Source for this post: Clean Air Partners


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