A Twitter Take on a D.C. Celebration

Georgetown reacts to the news of the death of #OBL

As the news of Osama bin Laden's death broke out, celebrations erupted across Washington. Here's how Twitter saw the excitement:

@AlexMcQ yeah we ran all the way down PA ave with this flag between us #obl #USA #badass @GtownVoice @Georgetown yfrog.com/h4bcjhqj

 @ShaneMcBain That's not American people celebrating outside the White House, that's Georgetown students on the tear. #osama #obl

 @zamees love that the georgetown cheer team is lifting people up to lead chants. #dc #obl #usa

@danatgu Essential #Georgetown dilemma: #OBL is dead, I want to run to the @WhiteHouse, but I'm on a student guard shift and wearing boat shoes.

@HopeinGTown Who wants to carpool to the White House? #OBL #DC #Georgetown #Burleith

@danatgu #Georgetown rally at the White House? Typical. #OBL #OBLisdead

@ginnymurph There are going to be some tired Georgetown students in DC tomorrow, and it's not cuz they are studying. Party at the White House! #BinLaden

@EugeneMSantiago Rachel Maddow just called the celebration as frat-boyish. Haha. Way to go Georgetown. #Osama #Binladen #obama #georgetown #msnbc

@Ms_Angelique Not sure if I can sleep tonight, I can feel the energy from Georgetown. #binladen #WhiteHouse

@noturavergeprep Those aren't tourists. Those are Georgetown & GW students that NEED to go study for finals. #whitehouse #binladen

@bkownacki Dear georgetown students. Stop shouting hoya saxa, this isn't a pep rally #america #binladen

@David_Dobbs "It was as if all those drunken Georgetown games hd been training 4 this moment in front of the world's roving cameras." http://j.mp/lexoun

@tufftaffy Georgetown University students pioneer a new excuse to turn in late homework: "Sorry, but Osama ate it."

@AmyDeMaria Can't sleep in Georgetown...crowds en route White House are cheering and horns honking #osama

@susurr0 Georgetown should cancel all finals (exams and papers) in light of Osama's death and the nation's celebratory mood. Who's with me?

@danatgu And, as the news of #Osama's death hits #Twitter, the cheers of #Georgetown students resound through the halls of Harbin: USA! USA! USA!

Doug Parrish May 02, 2011 at 04:24 PM
Seeing the MASSIVE gathering in front of the White House last night reminded me of just one of the reasons why I love this town...


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