Local Libraries Will Not Supply State Tax Forms

The Comptroller of Maryland has announced that the state will no longer send state tax booklets to local libraries and post offices.


Looking for 2011 Maryland State Tax forms? They won't be found at the .

The Comptroller of Maryland has announced that it will no longer supply paper tax forms to local libraries or post offices. A CD-Rom containing the year's tax forms will be supplied to libraries, if requested.

"The idea is that it saves the state money, so we'd like everyone to file electronically," said Caron Brace, spokesperson for the Maryland Comptroller office. "If someone has to mail it in, we're always going to try to accommodate, but in the grand scheme of things we're phasing out the paper."

According to Brace, it costs the state $1.95 to process a paper return, compared to only $0.38 for an electronic return.

Those who received tax booklets from libraries last year should receive a mailed booklet this year Brace said.

Filers can e-mail the state to request tax booklets at taxforms@comp.state.md.us. Tax booklets will no longer be mailed after this year, according to the Comptroller website. For tax year 2012, tax payers must file electronically or print the tax booklet from the state website.

*Editor's note: The public library's supply of federal tax forms has not been affected. They will be available per individual library policy.

Marty Chase December 29, 2011 at 01:38 PM
Good story. I always have picked up my tax forms at the local library. Wonder if the DC Libraries are doing the same thing? Many who live close to the DC line...or who work in the District...also use the DC Libraries on a regular basis.
Katie Griffith December 29, 2011 at 04:46 PM
Thanks Marty! Looking at our poll, a few others may be affected by the change too. Do you all think this is a good money saving change for the state, or too inconvenient for tax filers?


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