Long Lines Expected To Delay Election Results in Montgomery County

Many polls have seen waits of more than an hour for much of the day.

Voter turnout in Montgomery County has been so strong that election officials say results will likely come later than expected Tuesday night.

The Montgomery County Board of Election's schedule had called for the first batch of results to go live on its Website — www.777vote.org — at 9:20 p.m., followed by updates every 20 minutes until midnight.

But given the long lines seen throughout the day, elections spokeswoman Marjorie Roher said she expects most of the county's nearly 250 polling sites to stay open well past their appointed 8 p.m. closing time.

“If they’re in line, they can vote," Roher said. "So my guess is that we won’t start shutting down the equipment in a lot of the precincts until closer to 9, which means the results will be later coming out.”

Results of the nearly 78,000 ballots cast early — Maryland’s first presidential election with early voting — should still be posted as quickly after 8 p.m. as possible, Rohrer said.

Richard Rice November 07, 2012 at 12:25 AM
These views were also typical of voting lines at Kensington-Parkwood elem. where I voted this morning. Since I was a senior and had no one with me however, I was escorted to the front of the voting line and got in and back out within 15 minutes; compared to the 2-l/2 hours they were saying the time would be for getting your card and then getting in to vote. I applaud Montgomery County, especially at Kensington/Parkwood Elem.
Brad Sokol November 07, 2012 at 01:58 AM
Heard many tales today from co-workers of 1 hour and longer waits. However at 7;30 pm at Wooten High in Rockville, walked right in and voted.. no wait.


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