Maryland Gas Tax Would Remain Well Below Historical Averages

Greater Greater Washington: Even with a tax increase, driving in Maryland is “a bargain.”

The Maryland House of Delegates passed a bill recently that would increase the state gas tax by more than 20 cents—to 43.7 cents—in July 2016.

The news angered and frustrated Maryland residents—including commenters on Patch. One small business owner wrote that he fears the increase could hurt the growth of his business.

While a 20-cents-per-gallon increase may seem enormous, a writer on the Greater Greater Washington blog claimed that overall, “The taxes the government collects on gas will still remain very near their historical low.”

Between 1933 and 1973, the “inflation-adjusted” Maryland gas tax per mile was $0.03 per gallon or more, peaking at $0.04684 in the late 1930s, David C. wrote.

Claims by Del. Justin Ready (R-Dist. 5A) of Westminster "that Maryland is 'pricing middle-class families, and certainly the working class poor out of' our state are clearly overblown," David C. wrote.

If the Maryland Senate passes the legislation, the gas tax would be $0.02113 per mile when fully phased in, he wrote. That would be the highest tax rate since 1978, but well below the historical average of $0.02759 per mile.

In 2013, the tax rate is at its lowest in nearly a century, at $0.01233 per mile.

Milton April 02, 2013 at 01:08 AM
I don't think people would be too upset if they knew this money was going to create, fix or maintain roads. The problem is, much of this money will go to fund pie-in-the-sky, public transportation boondoggles. Here's an idea: let the drivers pay for their roads via a gas tax (and don't let the politicians loot the fund for other purposes). Then, let the BRT, the Purple line and other projects pay for themselves with their revenues. If they're viable projects and everybody will love them as much as people like David C at GGW think, then they should be able to finance themselves.


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