Maryland Launches StateStat, a Well of Little-Known Facts

The website, data.maryland.gov, is a movement toward "information-age governing," Gov. Martin O'Malley said.

Ever wondered how many millions of people in Maryland took Metro during the snow-filled month of January 2010? The answer is about 1.1 million.

Or, have you found yourself wishing you knew how many acres of farmland Montgomery County has lost in the past two decades? (Nearly 36,000.) 

A well of data that you'll probably never need, but might nonetheless be glad to have access to, is now available at State Stat, at data.maryland.gov, Maryland's recently launched open government website. 

Gov. Martin O'Malley said that he patterned the chart and map-filled website after a system he initiated while he was mayor of Baltimore. In a statement, he called the website "a movement away from ideological, hierarchical, bureaucratic governing and toward information-age governing that is fundamentally entrepreneurial, collaborative, relentlessly interactive and performance driven."

Check it out, here.

What do you think? Will StateStat change the way you interact with state government? Is any of the data useful to you? 


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