New Assistant Police Chiefs Confirmed by Council

Cmd. Luther Reynolds and Capt. Darryl McSwain are the County Executive’s appointees.

Montgomery County Council confirmed on Tuesday County Executive Isiah Leggett’s Montgomery County Police appointments for assistant chiefs: Cmd. Luther Reynolds, and Capt. Darryl McSwain.

McSwain, director of the Special Operations Division, will be assigned to head the newly created Patrol Services Bureau. Reynolds, who led the Germantown-based 5th District, will head the Management Services Bureau, a Montgomery County police spokeswoman told Patch.

According to county records, the appointees will be paid $159,000 salaries.

Chief J. Thomas Manger said McSwain and Reynolds would expand his team of assistant chiefs from three to four.

“This is a tremendously strong team,” Manger said ahead of the County council’s vote, referring to the assistant managers as “the future of the police department.”

Since the Montgomery County police department is part of the county’s executive branch the county executive would be the one to make the appointments and the county council would vote on whether to confirm them.

The council’s public safety interviewed Reynolds and McSwain prior to the Council’s regular meeting.

“Both these guys are pretty well-known to the Council,” said Neil Greenbeger, the Council’s legislative information officer.

Council Vice President Craig Rice, whose district includes Germantown, thanked Cmd. Reynolds and McSwain for their work and said that Reynolds would be tough to lose.

“It’s tough to lose a person who’s a great commander of the district, and someone I would consider a friend,” Rice said. “You never realize how a great of a job they do until you need them. That’s the unfortunate part.  I just wanted to say thank you for the great service that you’ve done."


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