Riverdale Park Asks Court to Toss Speed Camera Lawsuit

The lawsuit contends the speed cameras did not comply with state law, according to a Gazette story.

Riverdale Park filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by three Maryland drivers who claimed they were issued tickets by speed cameras that did not comply with state law, according to a story from The Gazette.

According to the $5 million lawsuit, a driver was given a ticket that had a forged signature of Riverdale Park Police Cpl. Clay Alford, the Gazette story said.

The city contends the speed cameras were operating in full compliance with the law.

James C. Walker November 14, 2012 at 05:27 AM
Riverdale Park needs to lose this suit and pay heavy damages for both the improper equipment reasons and the forgery reasons. Cities in Maryland use speed and red light cameras as cash cows with deliberately incorrect traffic engineering parameters designed to increase ticket numbers and the resulting money-grab revenue flow. Maybe a big loss in this very public suit will cause other cities to stop using the predatory money-grab ticket cameras. Maryland is among the worst offenders for using ticket cameras to issue thousands of tickets that go mostly to safe drivers. This needs to stop. James C. Walker, National Motorists Association (frequent visitor to MD to see family)


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