Speak Out: Voter Turnout

Participation in Tuesday's election was particularly low—even for a primary.

Did you vote on Tuesday?

If not, why not?

It was slow going at polls in the early hours at many polling locations.

Patch reported low turnout at precincts in , , , , , and .

Voter turnout , but remained less than usual.

Primary election turnout is traditionally much lower than that of general elections. But elections officials and campaigns alike pinned the especially low turnout in Montgomery County in Tuesday’s primary—14.79 percent of all registered voters vs. 20 percent for typical primary elections—on timing.

Maryland’s 2008 presidential primary was held in February. Previous primaries were held in March.

The early April date, and , some opined.

Election fatigue due to intense media coverage of a protracted presidential primary season and redistricting, leading to a lack of familiarity with candidates for some voters, also could have played a part.

“People are just turned off,” .

So what about you? Did you vote? Why or why not? Were you out of town or just “checked out” while the kids were on spring break? Have you had enough of debates and political talking heads on the television?

Why do you think voter turnout was so low?

Speak out. Leave a comment below.

Steve Baldwin April 07, 2012 at 01:13 AM
Do the turnout figures include those who voted absentee ballots or took advantage of early voting options? It would be interesting to see a breakout of those categories, as I suspect a lot of people will be interested in using the alternatives in November.


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