Task Force Outlines Costs For County Bus Rapid Transit Network

Transit Task Force recommends system operational within nine years, the Washington Examiner reports.

What’s the price tag for a world-class bus rapid transit system in Montgomery County?

Estimates put it at $1.83 billion in capital costs and another $1.1 million per mile to run, so says a county-commissioned task force, according to the Washington Examiner.

Findings by the Transit Task Force are set to be presented to County Executive Isiah Leggett (D) this week, the Examiner reported. The group is recommending a 161.5-mile bus rapid transit network be up and running in nine years, featuring “sleek and stylish” vehicles running along 23 county routes.

The system should be built in three phases, the task force suggests, according to The Examiner. Thoroughfares that should be targeted for the first phase include:

  • The Intercounty Connector from I-270 to Route 29
  • Randolph Road from Rockville Pike to FDA Boulevard
  • Rockville Pike from Montgomery Village Avenue to the Bethesda Metro station
  • Route 29 from Burtonsville/198 to the Silver Spring Metro station
  • Georgia Avenue from Olney to Veirs Mill Road
  • Veirs Mill Road from the Rockville Metro station to the Wheaton Metro station

Read the full story at The Washington Examiner.

Is a bus rapid transit system needed to reduce congestion in Montgomery County? Is the project worth the amount of money estimated? Tell us in the comments.

Brenn April 24, 2012 at 12:18 AM
This looks like yet another plan to waste transit dollars in MoCo. I hope the bus drivers don't get too lonely driving the ICC route between I-270 and Route 29. I have wonder if any of the folks who dreamed this up also had a hand in the Corridor Cities Transitway, which will be nothing more than a payoff to contractors. After all, why would a commuter hop on a bus from Clarksburg to Shady Grove that's going to take well over a half hour and wind its way across I-270 and over to Great Seneca Highway before eventually heading to Shady Grove? This is the price we pay for not running light rail to Frederick from Shady Grove in the middle of I-270 with stations at each of the interchanges and not using the existing railroad right of way to run light rail service between Shady Grove or Rockville to Silver Spring.


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