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Hello, I'm Joelle Norwood, TV producer. I call myself the the Media Mama because I'm the mama of my beautiful daughter -- Stephani Norwood, now Stephani Hayden, a Whitman HS graduate who lives in Portland, Oregon -- and I love media and #3 because it's fun to give yourself a title.
I created videos on Youtube  to spotlight the people and places of my almost hometown of Bethesda, Maryland.  I have lived here since 1967 and the days of Hot Shoppes and the Cement Factory. My mission is to connect & build a strong community by sharing great stories about the folks right here in Bethesda.  Plus I was really shocked to learn that people heard the screaming coming from LuluLemon but did not call the police, that's the not the Bethesda that I grew up in or where I raised my daughter. I believe that if you can connect people human to human people will care about one another, take responsibility and take action. I love living in Bethesda Maryland!  I love creating stories using videos. I love sharing stories about passionate and interesting people and places. I’m the founder,The Media Mama Agency, a full service web marketing agency providing web, video production and social media marketing. I am from the world of traditional media. Television, to be precise. Now I work as web media consultant and content producer as well as freelancing for Entertainment Tonight, Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil and other broadcast shows.  I am a Emmy-award-winning TV producer as well as an entrepreneur and speaker. I love technology and all kinds of gadgets. I have traveled around world covering news, feature and entertainment stories and now it's awesome to be based and work in Bethesda. I went to BCC HS and George Washington University and majored in broadcasting.  I started in TV right here in D.C. My first job was as a production assistant for Maury Povich on Panorama, then WTTG TV a million years ago. (lol) More about me: Emmy-award-winning television producer/director Joelle Norwood celebrates over 25 years in broadcasting. Founder and CEO of The Media Mama offering Internet marketing, social media and marketing coaching as well as full broadcast production services. Our clients, ET, Dr Phil, Rachel Ray, CBS, Disney and MTV. Joelle has been producing and directing for Entertainment Tonight, covering such events as the Cannes Venice and Sundance Film Festival, traveling to Iraq with USO’s Wayne Newton and with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Bosnia. In the music world, she's covered the Rolling Stone’s Steel band tour and Tina Turner’s world tour in Paris. Norwood has traveled the world producing on location and always delivers the story, from Julia Roberts’ first assignment for Unicef in Haiti to filming on the USS Nimitz in the Persian Gulf with USO. I have had the honor to interview such celebrities as Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Mick Jagger, Oprah, Demi Moore, Robert Redford, and Bruce Willis, and has covered the Clinton, Bush and Obama presidential inaugurations. The Media Mama Agency Web Design + Video Production + Social Media Agency.  We services clients including Entertainment Tonight, Paramount Pictures, Dr Phil, The Rachel Ray Show, The Doctors, Disney Channel, MTV as well as corporate clients. Check out my videos on YouTube. Other projects included producing two independent films featured at the Sundance Film Festival -- “We Married Margaux” and “All Over Me.” I  also directed an eight-camera wedding shoot in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia, produced several documentaries for NBC 24 hours of birthing at Columbia Hospital for Women and Gold medal winner of New York Festival Children and Divorce. Born in Marrakkech, Morocco and immigrated to Montreal, Canada, and then to the USA.
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