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The goal of the Pantry is to treat our clients with dignity and respect, while fulfilling the requirements of our partner agencies. We try to offer a well-rounded array of foods for their bi-weekly or monthly offer, as well, some basic non-food items such as paper products and personal care products on a rotation basis. Our Food Pantry is now open for business: OPEN: Every 1st Saturday in the month from 10:30 -1:30 PM Monday to Friday by appointment only! CALL: 240-450-2092 or Email: educare_ss@yahoo.com LOCATION: Grace United Methodist Church 7001 New Hampshire Avenue Takoma Park, MD20912 We also provide the following Services:
Access to free resources such as Telephones, Fax, Photo Copier, and the Internet. Resume Building and Interview Techniques Workshops. Internet-Based Job Workshops. Job Search Assistance. Access to Job Banks, Volunteering Opportunities and Job Placements Health and Safety Education & Training.
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