Zen Tara Tea
Zen Tara Tea was founded in 2007, starting with a small tea counter at the Bethesda Farm Women’s Cooperative Market with a simple premise: Bring together the highest quality teas and provide an exceptional level of service to each customer in helping them select and enjoy teas. We also wanted to make a strong commitment to source teas and related products that are both certified organic at the grower and produced in socially and environmentally responsible ways. Our small tea counter was one of the earliest to focus on organically grown teas and continues to offer one of the largest selections of any tea company anywhere (for more information about what distinguishes an organic tea from many commercially produced teas, please visit our Tea Q & A section).   While the quality of tea is always the highest consideration, we don't subscribe to the premise that selling an organic product automatically means there should be a premium surcharge built into the price. We offer our teas at a fair price relative to their high quality for every customer to enjoy. In some cases, our teas cost the same or are slightly less expensive than teas grown and processed with more industrialized methods. We may make a little less profit at times but we feel that these social and environmental considerations are a part of responsibly operating a tea business that helps connect tea drinkers across the globe with farmers and producers who grow the tea.   In 2010, we were fortunate to be able to expand from a small counter at a Co-Op market to our own full-service tea shop, also in Bethesda, MD. It was quite a change to go from very tight quarters to a 1,600 sq. ft. shop with table seating, a retail space for selling our teas and a dedicated tea tasting and blending room. At the same time, we have done our best to bring an approach to our online tea website that reflects our passion for tea and an opportunity to serve tea lovers outside our immediate area who don’t have access to a local tea shop of their own.   We encourage you to stop by the shop if you are in the Washington, DC area or keep in touch with us with a phone call, through e-mail, or via our monthly newsletter, twitter and facebook. Think of us as your local tea shop on the internet.
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